Aug 11

Dreamworld Update August 2014


Quite a lot is happening at Dreamworld with the construction of Tail Spin and the re-opening of the Wipeout plus next door there is the continued construction of Triple Vortex, the newest slide being added to Whitewater World.
Tailspin 1

The theming elements of Tail Spin are well under construction. This building looks like it will house the plant room for the ride.



Operator booth.



The other side of the decking is where the main support column for the ride will be placed.



Guests will board the ride near where the trailer is currently parked.



The “storage” (former Thunderbolt site) is currently full of Maroon and Mustard Yellow pieces of slide awaiting installation for Triple Vortex.



It is also full of a number of shipping containers plus parts for Tail Spin. You can also see that the Reef Diver is still on site.


WipeoutThe Wipeout has re-opened and looks as great as ever. Guests can now get even closer when viewing the ride and the return of fountains adds to the overall look and ride experience.


To finish this update we have a UHD off-ride POV of the Wipeout.

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