Sep 20

Sea World Storm Coaster September Update

Earlier this week we took a visit to Sea World to see how their new coaster “Storm” is progressing. It is worth mentioning that whilst the ride is under construction Jet Rescue, Vikings Revenge Flume Ride and the Skyway may not be operating. On this day Jet Rescue was the only one of the three rides not in operation.

_MG_0044We begin the update with a nice shot of dirt and sand. They are filling more of the ski lake for what can be presumed to be their “Wild” attraction.


_MG_0047On the far side of the bridge three of the “Storm” coasters ride vehicles are awaiting installation.


_MG_0050Shipping containers feature prominently through out this ride. These are located after the finale splashdown area.


_MG_0048Other equipment has arrived on site. The inclusion of a show control panel looks to confirm there will be some story associated with the ride.


_MG_0051Final airtime hill with wrecked boats and shipping containers in the background


_MG_0052The ride layout is a standard Mack Water coaster.


_MG_0053The height of the ride dwarves the nearby Skyway


_MG_0054A opened shipping container will be used as the main access to and from the ride. It not only gives a good view of riders passing through but act as a “head chopper” element.


_MG_0056Overview of the entrance and what will be the entry point into the show building. The roof of the show building has also been replaced.


_MG_0060One last shot of the land being reclaimed near the Sea Viper bridge.


There is still a fair amount of work to be done with Storm and delaying the opening date until later in the year looks to be a smart move. No photos of the new addition to Polar Bear Shores at this point in time. This will be featured in a later update to be done after the School Holidays.










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