Sep 25

Surviving Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood

We’ve done the leg work to help you get the most of your time at Halloween Horror Nights. These tips and hints will make it a bit easier to get the most from your night.



Before you arrive we strongly advise booking tickets online as the park does not sell tickets at the gate if the night is sold out.



When purchasing tickets online we strongly advise you purchase one of these. Front of line passes are sold prior to the evening but you may be lucky to purchase one after 11pm if you don’t buy one prior to the night.



Late in the night the queues die down but don’t be surprised to find they are still at least 40 minutes after 1am for the more popular mazes. The following sign listed times at 12:20am.



Checking what time mazes and tours open and close upon arrival can help with getting the most out of your night. Some attractions like the Terror Tram Tour close earlier. Opening times can be found on the Universal Studios website. The Backlot and Lower Lot mazes open earlier than the Upper Lot so expect a rush to Inisdious as it is the first as you arrive in the lower lot and has a queue quickly build up. Lower Lot mazes can quickly jump to a hour within the first hour of opening.



It can be a long night especially if you’re visiting the park beforehand so we suggest that you take a portable phone charging pack. If you plan on buying gifts and souvenirs on the night they can be left in the Universal Store where there is parcel pick up available for purchases. Most food and drink places are open until 1am with some until 2pm but this may change due to park opening hours.


Been to HHN and any tips you think we’ve missed? Let us know below or on Facebook.

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