Sep 16

Dreamworld Mini-Update

Quick update on some of the things happening at Dreamworld.

_MG_0364Dreamworld’s newest tiger cub Kai is on show in Tiger Island, when on display at the main entrance for a small donation you can have some up close photos taken on your camera by the staff.

_MG_0374The ice cream shops refurbishment is quickly nearing completion.

_MG_0385The building has been taken back to the foundations requiring new detailed work to the outside.


_MG_0386The food stall near the park entrance has had the RollerCoaster Tycoon style look removed for a more sleek and professional look.

_MG_0379Some riders are still to conquer the art that is the spin on Tailspin

_MG_0383And we leave you with a shot of the Wipeout doing its thing.

There will more than likely be another update later in the month with some of the other stuff that’s been happening around the park. If there is anything you would like to see let us know in a comment on this article or on our Facebook or Twitter.

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