Feb 23

Eureka! It’s a Dreamworld Update

A little late in posting but better late than never. We were in the park last Monday to see exactly what is happening at the moment.

Queue Overview

The ride that is the talk of the town at the moment, Eureka Mountain Mine Ride as it was in November 2006.

eureka mountain

From a distance not much has changed visually with the ride still looking the same as ever from a distance.


Even a bit closer things are looking the same as usual

Water Dummies in Unload

Upon closer inspection you can see the water dummies in what was originally the unload station.


However as yet to be pointed out in other posts online they are not only populating the unload station but they are also found on load station. There may be some truth to the rumour but until the queue line is returned to being a queue line it is all speculation.


Elsewhere around the park Buzzsaw is currently closed


Venturing into Ocean Parade you will be greeted with this sight


As TaliSpin is also currently closed.


And Shockwave was closed for annual maintenance last week however it should have re-opened today following annual maintenance.

That concludes this brief update. Whilst we would like to see the return of Eureka until anything major is announced by the park it is all speculation and their neutral stance to it either remaining closed or re-opening indicates there is still hope of it re-opening.

We will post updates of anything major if announced.

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